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My Experience With the OCEAN REEF Communication System

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It seemed like it was only yesterday I became one out of only 2 Junior Divers to be certified by PADI to use the OCEAN REEF underwater communications system. The minimum age written by PADI is 15, however at the age of 13 I was given permission due to my circumstances.


Sea to Sky


I completed my course with TGI Diving El Gouna, Egypt on the 29th of June 2015. I must say it was absolutely amazing – I mean who wouldn’t want to talk about the last thing you watched on TV with your buddy? The course consisted of completing two open water dives and some theory in-between.

Liquid Diving

On the first dive I was taught how to use the communication system underwater, and the electronics behind it. I learned how to replace parts, repair or solve problems with the systems. I also learned about the different types of receivers and transmitters.



On my first dive I was talking to my buddy and instructor Alessandra. On the second dive Alessandra was on the boat and I spoke to her whilst diving with Lolo from TGI diving. At the end of the dive I completed the ‘famous’ rhyme test which is a board with several words which sound the same such as kelp, help etc. The first time I had to select 15 words and read them to Alessandra whilst she also had a copy of the words on deck. She would circle the words which she thought I read. This would test my clarity and my pronunciation skills. The second time Alessandra selected 15 words and read to me, and I had circle to words that I thought she read to me, testing my hearing skills. At the end a final score was put and mine was Excellent!


It is a truly amazing experience and I encourage anyone to try it!


Lollo from TGI Diving El Gouna

I have had a video made of my course, if you are interested check it out!

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You can also learn more about me on my website at: http://www.indigobolandrini.com



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13 year old Indigo from London, currently resides in El Gouna, Red Sea, Egypt and is one of the worlds youngest Junior Master Scuba Divers and youngest qualified sidemount diver. Learn more at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/indigo-bolandrini/

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