Bulgarian Woman Sets Deepest Saltwater Dive For Women Record In Dahab

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Bulgarian woman, Ina Dimitrova set a world record for the deepest scuba dive in saltwater for women. Dimitrova descended to a depth of 201 metres during a training dive in the Red Sea on Tuesday, private bTV station reports.

Dimitrova became the second woman to reach a depth of more than 200 metres. The previous record for the deepest dive in saltwater for women was held by the Mexican Sofia Ponce, who descended to a depth of 190 metres in 2010.


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The record for the deepest dive in fresh water for women is currently held by Verna Van Schaik from South Africa, who descended to a depth of 221 metres in 2004. Dimitrova descended for five minutes and forty seconds, while her ascent time was 282 minutes.




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  1. Kieran Lee on

    You guys have obviously never heard of the Wet Mules and Sandy David or is this purely because she was diving solo and it was a bounce dive

    • Hi Kieran, I have actually heard of the Wet Mules as we are closely connected to rEvo Rebreathers and I am also friends with the guys at DKG Drysuits in Australia who I believe do quite a bit of diving with the Wet Mules. As I understood it the Wet Mules are not really into self publicity but simply do some epic dives 🙂 We would love to feature more about the team if possible though. If you have anything to share it would be great to hear from you via our contact page!



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