51 hours and 20 minutes Underwater breaks Guinness World Record in Egypt

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Walaa Hafez successfully completed 51 Hours and 20 Minutes underwater to break the previous open saltwater record of 51 hours and 4 minutes which was set by Amercian Allen Sherrod in 2014.

The event was held at Sharm El Naga Resort, Red Sea, Egypt and commenced on 4th June 2015.

Walaa, inspired by the Egyptian champion Ahmed Gabr, who achieved 332.35 meters depth and emerged out of the water in 13 hours 15 minutes to complete the world’s Deepest Scuba Dive in September 2014. Walaa decided to break the record on the June 4th 2015 , during the International Red Sea Festival for diving & swimming.

Learn more about Walaa Hafez at http://walaahafez.com/




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