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DiveAdvisor to launch at the end of the summer of 2015

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What is DiveAdvisor.com?

Some of you may have heard of DiveAdvisor, some haven’t but hopefully will.

Briefly speaking, DiveAdvisor is a communication directory platform that allows for a wide variety of uses and features tailor made for the Scuba Diving industry.

We have been a work in progress since early 2014 and currently consider ourselves in the beta stage. My philosophy for this prolonged ‘live mode’ was to roll out features gradually and use our early users as for a lack of better words ‘test dummies’ – to whom we are eternally grateful and will definitely find a great way to repay them shortly.

During this early phase we have learnt a lot.

Truly a tremendous amount.

For me personally, it has been a journey of diving heavily, interacting with dive professionals and analyzing the industry. From Liveaboard Diving in the Maldives & Indonesia to shore diving in Tobago I have been trying to piece the puzzle, and understand what the industry & community really needs.

I decided to try and build something that would help both divers and dive operators on a level that is beyond a ‘fad’ but rather carry some significant social utility.

Anyhow, we are far from achieving that goal, but we are definitely determined, humble and hungry.

Beta Stage Results & Features

We have had some successes so far which have given us some optimized.

  • 10,000+ registered users in the beta stage
  • 19,000+ dive sites listed
  • 7,000+ dive operators listed
  • 500 + dive operators claimed listings
  • 1000+ marine animals with pictures & descriptions
  • Over 2000+ courses by the top 10 licensing bodies listed.

Our feature/functionality list is growing steadily and we aim to be rolling out a lot of cool functionality very soon.

Here is some of the most recent additions that are/will be launched very shortly:

  • API Integration with TripAdvisor.com
  • Advanced Dive Shop Listing Capability
  • Blogging & Photo Hosting Platform for Divers.

For those of you who have not used or heard of DiveAdvisor – I’ll try and give you a very quick overview of what the system can do.

What can DiveAdvisor.com do?

  • Directory of Dive Sites & Shops with a profile page of each


  • Blogging, Dive Logging & Photo Hosting Platform


  • Dive Stream. Feed of activity by users/entities that you follow.


  • Destination ‘Summaries’, i.e: a snapshot of a country/region.



  • Sub2o: A directory of articles written by a paid team of writers.


  • Dive Shop. Ability to create & user business listing.



  • Animals. Directory of over 1000+ animals with descriptions & pictures


There are other small things that are too many to list in a single article.

Thanks for reading, for any suggestions, feedback or collaboration I can be reached at http://www.diveadvisor.com

Safe Diving,


DiveAdvisor Founder


Blue Horizon

About Author

Timur is an avid diver, aspiring underwater photographer and a digital marketer. He is also the founder of diveadvisor.com and hopes to optimize the communication flows in the Scuba World. Learn more at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/timur-khamitov/

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