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Inner Space 2015: Divetech Celebrates the World of Rebreathers in Grand Cayman

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2015 Marks 12th Year of Event that Draws “Silent Diving” Enthusiasts from Around the World

Divetech is welcoming technical divers and industry manufacturers to “Inner Space” its annual week of closed circuit rebreather diving from May 23 – 30 in Grand Cayman. This is the 12th year of the event, billed as the world’s largest rebreather event, and it has become a mecca for Rebreather divers and manufacturers from around the world. They come here to immerse themselves in the silent diving culture and the deep walls of the Cayman Islands.

Sea to Sky

Cobalt Coast Dive Resort is the center of activities for Inner Space, welcoming back returning guests, customers and sponsors, who attend the event year after year. It is more like a family reunion according to Divetech owner Nancy Easterbrook, a visionary who pioneered technical diving in the Cayman Islands. She started the event in 2003 to bring rebreather enthusiasts together to share their diving passion, and that year only 19 divers attended. Since then it has built a loyal following, not just with tech divers who want to maximize their bottom time, but also with equipment manufacturers who come share the latest technology in the industry.

Innerspace 2015

With two shore diving facilities, Inner Space divers have plenty of opportunity to maximize their bottom time. Photo courtesy Jay Easterbrook

Liquid Diving

“Inner Space and ‘Focus Grand Cayman’ have become fixtures in the Dive Calendar of those who take their diving seriously, and who are interested in learning more about new products and developments within diving,” said Paul Strike of sponsor Fourth Element. “As such, it is a valuable initiative which brings equipment manufactures and enthusiasts of the sport together where they can discuss and share ideas.”

Dive technology keeps changing and improving, and Inner Space offers everyone a chance to keep up with the changes. Divers will spend the week exploring Cayman’s famous walls, attending jam-packed seminars, testing new equipment and socializing with like-minded people. There will be lectures and presentations on safety, research and new technologies from industry representatives who show and tell new products.

“Inner Space has become the success that it has achieved, due to the incredible and ongoing support of the industry people that help make this a great event,” said Easterbrook. “It’s diving with the ‘Who’s Who’ in the Rebreather world, learning from industry experts on topics that are meaningful to Rebreather divers, and the wonderful prizes and camaraderie that develops and continue. Divetech owes a huge debt of gratitude to all of our sponsors that make Inner Space the success that it is.”

Innerspace 2015

Evenings during the week long event are filled with seminars, talks and socials. Photo courtesy Jay Easterbrook

Long time sponsors are happy to be involved, and they say the personal connection with Easterbrook is one of the reasons for their loyalty.

“Inner space is a very well-organized, well-respected event because of Nancy, she’s got a great reputation in the industry,” said Lee Ann Hines of Dive Rite. “How can you say no to Nancy?”

“It is a fun event and Nancy has put together a great week of diving and fun. I am happy to help in any way I can,” said sponsor Eric Keibler of Oceanic Ventures, Inc. in Houston.

Innerspace 2015

In its 12th year, Inner Space has become a very successful event with a loyal following of divers from around the world. Photo courtesy Jay Easterbrook

Rebreathers efficiently replenish oxygen and recycle exhaled breaths, so no bubbles are released, making them silent. With no bubbles to scare them off, divers and underwater photographers experience better interaction with marine life. Rebreather technology also allows divers to go deeper and stay underwater longer. Although rebreathers require specialized training, Inner Space helps introduce silent diving to the rest of the recreational dive community where they are becoming the dive equipment of choice for many advanced divers.

“Rebreathers represent absolutely the biggest area of sales for our business and it’s the fastest growing area of scuba diving,” says Lee Ann Hines.

Inner Space divers have plenty of opportunity to immerse themselves in Grand Cayman’s underwater world. In addition to daily boat dives, Divetech also offers shore diving at two locations, excellent news for divers who just can’t get enough.

Divetech is the first, and largest, source of rebreather equipment, support and diving in Grand Cayman. Nancy Easterbrook says 15 percent of their dive business is rebreather related, but they are actively working to increase that, especially with Divetech’s Rebreather Experience, a half-day course that includes equipment instruction and a guided shallow shore dive.

Sponsors for Inner Space include: Oris Watch, Silent Diving, Add Helium, Stark Industries, Dive Gear Express, Nauticam USA, Light & MotionKeldan Lights, Hollis, DAN, Dive Addicts, Fourth Element, Kiss Rebreathers, Oceanic Ventures, PADI, Poseidon, Reef Photo & Video, Shearwater Research, SSI, Governors Reserve, Aerospace Lubricants, CCRExplorers.com, Dive Rite, SubGravity, Historical Diving Society, Inner Space Systems, RebreatherWorld.com, Seven Fathoms Rum, Guy Harvey Foundation, TekDiveUSA, The DecoStop.com, Halcyon, Simon Morris and Courtney Platt, photographer.

About Divetech

Divetech is a IANTD Platinum Facility / TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer Facility / PADI 5-Star Resort / PADI TecRec Facility / PADI Project Aware Center / SSI Resort / IANTD & SSI Free Diving Center / BSAC Resort / National Geographic Center/ Scuba Rangers Club / Universal Training Facility / PADI Swim School / DAN Technical Field Research Station full service dive operator with facilities at Cobalt Coast Dive Resort on the tranquil Northwest shore of Boatswain’s Bay, and Lighthouse Point on Northwest Point Road in West Bay, both located just a few miles north of the hustle and bustle of Seven Mile Beach. Considered one of Grand Cayman’s leading dive operations, Divetech has been providing quality dive services since 1994. Divetech has earned a reputation as the place to go in Grand Cayman for quality training from kids to trimix with 18 Instructors on staff.

Divetech offers great dive and room packages with its resort partner Cobalt Coast, which has established a reputation for laid back luxury and friendly West Indian hospitality, offering 20 suites, full restaurant and bar and award winning customer service.

For more information call toll free (888) 946-5656, in Grand Cayman (345) 946-5658 or visit www.divetech.com



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The Cayman Bottom Times is news collaboration by five leading dive operators to promote the superb diving of the Cayman Islands, and keep the diving public informed of important developments and events. Divetech, Ocean Frontiers, Red Sail Sports and Sunset house in Grand Cayman, and the Southern Cross Club in Little Cayman, all members of the Cayman Islands Tourism Association, represent more than 100 years of solid experience in a destination that is recognized as the birthplace of recreational diving. With a unique combination of deep wall and shallow reef diving, several wrecks, and world-famous Stingray City, the Cayman Islands has cemented its place as the top diving destination in the Caribbean. Offering diverse and wide-ranging dive programs on both Grand Cayman and Little Cayman, the members of this dive group represent the best Cayman has to offer; Divetech (www.divetech.com), Ocean Frontiers (www.oceanfrontiers.com), Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman (www.redsailcayman.com), Sunset House (www.sunsethouse.com) and the Southern Cross Club (www.southerncrossclub.com). For more information on The Cayman Bottom Times contact Adela Gonzales White at Adela.G.White@comcast.net or call (941) 350-8735.

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