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The Aquaman Crystal Might Let Us Dive Without a Tank One Day

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If you are a scuba diver, then surely you may have dreamed at one time or another for the ability to breathe underwater, much like the comic book hero Aquaman. Let’s face it, while diving is exciting totting around air tanks is cumbersome and not so fun. Although scuba tanks do weigh less underwater than they would on land, these nevertheless pose some other inconveniences such as a limited supply of air.

The imaginative idea of being able to swim without worrying about regulator hoses, without bulkiness, and without the limitations of bottom time is exciting. To experience the freedom of diving freely is a wonderful dream indeed, a dream that just may come true one day soon!

A recent invention is now in the works that may actually allow humans to breath underwater without the traditional scuba tanks, without the concerns of air surpply and to swim without any impediments. What is the name of this innovation? It is aptly dubbed the ‘Aquaman Crystal’, the Aquaman crystal might let us dive without a tank one day, say researchers. This revolutionary piece of technology could truly redefine both industrial-based and recreational SCUBA-diving. The science behind the Aquaman crystal is truly a marvel of modern innovation.

The Science Behind the Aquaman Crystal

This seemingly miraculous ‘crystal’ is actually a synthesized crystalline compound derived from cobalt, which, according to the researchers who developed it, possesses the capacity to literally suck the oxygen from an area, irrespective of whether it is on dry land or underwater. This highly advanced substance only requires several grains encased in a portable container which may soon replace bulky SCUBA equipment; the Aquaman Crystal might let us dive without a tank one day in the very near future.

This cobalt-systhesised substance is said to be non-toxic, with the capacity to absorb oxygen so efficiently that just one spoonful of these crystals could literally absorb the oxygen out of a semi-enclosed room. The researchers went so far as to suggest the applications of the crystals are almost unbelievable. “When the substance is saturated with oxygen, it can be compared to an oxygen tank containing pure oxygen under pressure” said the researchers. However, unlike the contemporary means of oxygen storage, “these crystals can hold three times as much oxygen,” states Christine McKenzie, one of the innovative researchers spearheading the project.

This spells greater applicability, not only in regards to scuba diving, but in other areas as well, such as in medical and military applications, as well as general applications for both industrial and small-scale usage. It is hoped that not only will the Aquaman Crystal allow for a true redefinition and refinement of diving as we know it, but that the applications will extend to broader horizons. It means that lighter, more portable, and less wasteful means to store and dispense safe, clean, pure oxygen will be available.

For now, even the very possibility of breathing underwater unhindered is a dream that has come to realization as innovative people experiment with technology to better mankind. This marvelous technology is not far off, maybe sooner than anyone would believe. But while we wait, let’s enjoy the fun we have underwater with or without tanks, I know I will over at DIVE.in.


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