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SeaLantern announces Flame Angel flashlight

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Finding Nemo has never been this easy and capturing colourful memories has never been such an in-depth experience as with SeaLantern’s brand new Flame Angel video and sport lights just launched on Kickstarter, boasting an extreme 300 meter depth rating and unrivaled effortless operation due to a new type of switch technology they’ve developed. Anyone can make a flashlight, but not just anyone has the passion to make them intensely bright, reliable, robust, versatile and stunningly beautiful all at once, except well for SeaLantern of course, leaving you feeling at ease due to the design efforts that Australian founded SeaLantern takes with their creations.

“Our customers aren’t too fussed that we racked our brains inside out to make Flame Angel what she is, but they do appreciate that she can be mounted anywhere they mount their GoPro’s, that she operates with ease and reliability deeper than anyone dares to scuba dive, is offensively bright, compact, usb rechargeable, robust and sexy, in fact timeless – inherent of her great design. But man, did we push our engineering and design capabilities to their absolute limit and then some more onto the edge of madness when we designed Flame Angel the way we wanted to operate and assemble her – effortlessly.” – Carl Thom, CEO SeaLantern Limited


Before & After video stills. Taken between 10 – 20 meters deep.

Designed to restore the colours naturally lost underwater which is a familiar frustration amongst scuba divers when all they see is blue or green, especially in their videos and photographs, it’s clear that Flame Angel is engineered to perfection and crafted with passion. From the unapologetic overly engineered electronics, stubborn surface finishes covering 3 different meticulously selected marine grade alloys to choose from and perhaps, most notably the brand new type of user interface that SeaLantern calls PPEC+ (peepec plus) consisting of zero moving parts with no chance to leak, wear out, jam or flood, Flame Angel is not only unlike any other mass produced plastic and generic looking aluminum flashlight built to date, but packs a whopping 1,000Lm punch in two different beam styles for Sport and Video aficionados. All designed to last a lifetime worth of adventure for both above and below water use for videographers, photographers, explorers, adventurers and scuba divers alike, leaving them with complete and utter confidence in the performance and reliability due to the energy SeaLantern has put into crafting this masterpiece.


To see the product video, find out more about Flame Angel or pre order your own visit the Kickstarter campaign:
Flame Angel Light: “The In-Depth Colour Experience”

Sea Lantern


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