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Polar Diving and Snorkeling in the Arctic and Antarctica

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“An Antarctic experience is more than the scenery and animals above the ice make your experience completely unique and participate in a Polar underwater adventure”

Touch the sculptured beauty of an iceberg and imagine floating in clear blue water with unlimited visibility, through a strange and wonderful underwater landscape not found anywhere else on the planet. Discover for yourself the amazing mobility and speed penguins entering (and exiting) the water. Watch ice descend into the fathomless clear deep and imagine all the wonders the Polar Oceans hold, full of marine life and sculptured ice formations.

Sea to Sky

Advanced divers can participate in the Polar Diving programme. Polar divers are required to bring their own dry suit equipment. Waterproof Expeditions exclusively offers POLAR SNORKELING for everyone to enjoy the fascinating underwater world and ice sculptures. Polar Snorkelers are equipped with specially designed Waterproof© Snorkel-Dry suits provided on board

We dive and snorkel during the brief summer periods, when the Southern and Northern Oceans explode with life, from critters to large  marine mammals at the top of the food chain.

Polar Diving and Snorkeling at The Scuba News

Antarctic Peninsula

Explore the deep bays and fjords of the Antarctic Peninsula where massive glaciers flank a rugged spine of snowy mountains. Scattered amongst penguin rookeries and seals, reminders of early explorers bring history to life. Scientific stations open the door for interesting visits.

Weddell Sea

Travel through the iceberg canyons of Antarctic Sound to the Weddell Sea. Huge glaciers pour down between the mountains from the polar plateau, and plates of ice the size of city blocks cover the ocean’s surface. Visit fossil-rich islands, wildlife havens and remnants of historic explorers’ huts.

Across the Circle

Venturing across the Antarctic Circle beyond 66°33” South, takes you to a frozen region of brooding mountain ranges, massive blue icebergs and waterways taut with fast ice. Plentiful krill attracts the continent’s greatest variety and concentration of wildlife, including orcas, leopard seals, fur seals, penguins and snow petrels.

For more information on polar diving and snorkeling visit: http://www.waterproof-expeditions.com


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