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New line of Technical Lighting Control Accessories and Arms from Aquatica

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Technical Lighting Control, a division of Aquatica Digital, and one of the longest established manufacturer of strobe arms, is giving itself a full makeover, the new design provides additional gripping power to the clamps, a new knob design, lighter arms construction and the introduction of buoyancy arms segments. Improvements where made while keeping the key attributes that made the Technical Lighting Controls products famous, namely reliability, lightweight and ruggedness.

New-type-KnobAdditional components are being added to expand the line’s compatibility with other brand of housing and a range of accessories dedicated to the GoPro® line of action cameras is also being introduced.

The clamps, the key element to any strobe arm system, has been completely revamped, its knob is ergonomically designed to give maximum gripping leverage, all the while allowing precise fingertip adjustment, available in standard and extended versions, spring loaded and now using a finer thread that will give the user a more precise control on the clamp pressure without resorting to excessively apply torque on the knob.


The new strobe arms are lighter and now feature an O-ring for additional braking power, material was removed in non-strategic area with the end results that the newer ones reduces the hydrodynamic drag even more than our already legendary line.

A “T” lower section that readily mounts on a score of existing housings is also introduced in the lineup, giving the user a better range of mounting options.

Buoyancy arm segments are making their way into the Technical Lighting Control family, available in both 8” and 11” sections. As underwater housings gets more and more compact and loaded with features, their denser displacement translate in less buoyancy underwater, these arms segments help alleviate this phenomenon by providing positive lift. The 8” segment offer a positive lift of 256gr/.5lbs, and the 11” segment, 453gr/1lbs.

Our GoPro® accessory line features a dual handle grip, offering the same gripping comfort as our full sized DSLR housing, its wide stance means steadier handling, a major advantage in video sequence, it conveniently dismantle for easy packing an travelling, offers mounting points on each grips for accessory lights, the tray is anodized and powder coated for a lasting finish. Even lighter and compact is our single grip, based on our recognized Aquatica DSLR grip, it included a 1”/25mm ball as an attachment point for additional lighting.

A sturdy and compact underwater tripod, a mounting bracket and a dedicated mounting 1”/25mm ball for the GoPro® housings are also introduced.

While after nearly a quarter of a century of faithful service, a makeover of the Technical Lighting Control system is surely a welcome thing, it was important that any change would respect the basic fundamental principles that where proper to the original concept. Technical Lighting Control, Aquatica and Amphibico are still committed to offer the discerning underwater photographer the best lighting support arms system in the industry, one that is made of the finest material, treated to strict military grade hard anodizing and Teflon coated, so that years of reliable services can be expected from them.

Learn more at: http://www.aquatica.ca


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AQUATICA manufactures an extensive line of underwater housings for today’s finest digital cameras. The company also manufactures the world renowned Technical Lighting Control (TLC) strobe arms, trays and accessories. AQUATICA and TLC are the brands preferred by some of the top professional underwater photographers and are well known for their optical quality and superior level of craftsmanship.

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