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Join Blue the Dive and Be a Part of A Collective Move Forward

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Blue The Dive

Be a part of a collective effort to use the power of the scuba and dive industry to help further conserve and protect our oceans. For anyone that has ever experienced the ocean firsthand, whether through scuba diving, snorkeling, freediving, or swimming, it is hard to ignore the depleting fish populations, coral reef degradation, and overall declining health of our oceans. Blue the Dive is an initiative spearheaded by the Colorado Scuba Retailers Association (CSRA), the Colorado Ocean Coalition (COCO), and Ocean First Institute (OFI) bringing together all industry stakeholders to work together to bring environmental initiatives and best practices to the forefront of the dive industry. Please join us at DEMA on Friday, November 21 from 10am-12pm in room N236 for a dynamic conversation how we as an industry will collectively drive change through this new initiative.

Sea to Sky

What started as a conversation between industry stakeholders at a small meeting in Colorado has turned in to a greater initiative to reach anyone and everyone that depends on our industry’s greatest resource, the ocean, to use our collective voice to further environmental education, ocean protection policy, and to work together to become better ocean stewards through improving industry practices in environmental sustainability. As stakeholders within the dive industry, we recognize the many groups already working towards ocean protection. Our goal is to provide a platform for all of us to work collaboratively on unifying these efforts. To Blue the Dive, we will share resources to facilitate the development and expansion of sustainable business practices within our industry.

By bringing all stakeholders from the dive industry together, we will Create a Sustainable Industry. As Doug McNeese, President of Scuba Schools International, stated, “If you take money out of this industry, you have a fiduciary responsibility to be a part of this initiative.”

Liquid Diving

Don’t wait until the meeting, sign on to Blue the Dive now, and sign our pledge to stay a part of the conversation. For more information, please visit bluethedive.org.



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