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Meet Today’s Feature Diver, Nick Fazah From East Coast Divers, Boston MA

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Nick Fazah

Say hello to today’s featured diver, Nick Fazah. Nick is a partner at East Coast Divers in Boston Massachusetts who started diving at age 13 and counts an encounter with a humpback whale as the most memorable dive of his life so far!

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Full Name: Nick Fazah

Age: 29

Live In: Boston, Ma

Working For: East Coast Divers

Diver Qualifications: International Freediving Training Director for SSI. SSI Scuba Instructor Trainer.


When and where did you start diving?

I started diving in the UK when I was 13 years old. I did my original cert dives at Stoney Cove in Leicester, UK.

Why did you start diving?

I was part of the British Army cadet force and they had an opportunity to learn to dive. I always loved being in the water, and jumped at the chance.

What made you choose to become a dive professional?

I was working on the south coast of England at a kids adventure center when I got certified to teach snorkeling through BSAC. It was so much fun I knew I wanted to take it to the next step and teach diving to people around the world.

Which is your favourite dive site and why?

My absolute favourite dive site would have to be the Patriot in the Stellwagon Bank in NE. It’s a great little wreck at 100′ that’s absolutely covered in fish and the last time I was diving on it I encountered a 40′ humpback whale in the water.

What has been the most memorable dive of your life and why?

I would have to say the humpback whale dive on the Patriot. I don’t think I will ever get to see a humpback in the waters of NE again at such a close range. If I do I will have to buy a lottery ticket that day just in case.

If you would come back as a marine life form in your next life, what would that be?

I would definitely have to be a dolphin. They are so graceful and playful in the water and I’m envious of their freediving ability!

Who is your dream dive buddy?

I would have loved the chance to dive with Enzo Maiorca, Jacques Mayol or Bob Croft. Those guys were pioneers of freediving and pushed the limits when all else said they couldn’t!

What dive locations are on your dream “bucket list” and why?

I still want to dive “The Arch” In Dahab mainly because it has such an epic history of people who have dove it. If I had to pick a second it would be the continental divide in Island. Tickets look like they’ll be cheap in 2015 so I’m hoping to knock that one off my list pretty soon.

What is on your bedside table right now?

Freediving training tables.

What is your favourite piece of diving equipment and why?

My favourite piece of gear has to be my Mares Carbon Razor Fins. They are so comfortable and for the price they are the best fin I’ve kicked! Plus, after 18 months of solid abuse they’re still holding up, which is pretty rare for my gear.

If you were to launch a campaign to raise awareness on a specific issue that affects divers, the oceans or marine life, what issue would you target and why?

I would help continue the fight against shark finning. Shark fin should be banned across the entire US and world. Such a barbaric and wasteful practice that is decimating one of the oceans most important apex predators.

Where will you be in 10 years and what will you be doing?

Hopefully the same thing I’m doing now, running my dive center in Boston and teaching freediving and scuba around the world!


Learn more about East Coast Divers at: http://www.ecdivers.com


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