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OZTeK2015: Making Tek Tick

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Widely recognised as people who have gazed into the future and whose achievements and adventures have often placed them beyond the usually accepted limits of safe diving practice, many of the speakers and presenters at OZTeK2015 have made – and continue to make – tremendous contributions to the development of diving.

With a growing line-up that includes several of diving’s most celebrated identities, confirmed speakers, presenters and MC’s at OZTeK2015 – to be held at Australian Technology Park, Sydney, Australia on the 14th and 15th March 2015 – already includes:

  • Liam Allen (AUS);
  • Michael Aw, (AUS);
  • Peter Buzzacott (AUS);
  • Matt Carter, (NZ);
  • Steve Cox, (USA);
  • Sue Crowe, (AUS);
  • Dr Andrew Fock, (AUS);
  • John Garvin, (AUS);
  • Paul Haynes, (UK);
  • Heather Hamza, (USA);
  • Dr Richard Harris, (AUS);
  • Lamar Hires, (USA);
  • Laura James, (USA);
  • Jayne Jenkins, (AUS);
  • Deborah Johnston, (AUS);
  • Richard Lundgren, (Sweden);
  • Rosemary Lunn, (UK);
  • Alberto Nava, (USA);
  • Michael Menduno, (USA);
  • Rod Macdonald, (UK);
  • Barry McGill, (Ireland);
  • Daren Marshall, (AUS);
  • Pete Mesley, (NZ);
  • Assoc. Professor Simon Mitchell, (NZ);
  • Richard Nicholls (AUS);
  • Martin Parker, (UK);
  • Simon Pridmore, (Indonesia);
  • Ben Reymenants, (Thailand);
  • Lance Robb, (AUS);
  • Liz Rogers, (AUS);
  • Dave Ross, (Philippines);
  • Alex Santos, (Philippines);
  • Damien Siviero, (AUS);
  • Hannah Smeeton, (AUS);
  • Ken Smith, (AUS);
  • Strike (AUS);
  • Richard Taylor, (NZ);
  • Randy Thornton, (USA);
  • Paul Toomer, (UK)
  • Mike Torr, (NZ).

Often better known for their successes – rather than for any set-backs and pratfalls – many of these diving identities have an arsenal of anecdotes and yarns that are as inspirational and informative as they are entertaining.

In a departure from the usual conference panel discussions focused on specific topics, OZTeK2015 will feature a ticketed Saturday evening and a Sunday afternoon session based on the television chat-show format.

Featuring a series of main theatre, on-stage interviews – each with three or four different diving celebrities from diverse fields of interest – the free ranging conversations and interaction between ‘guests’ will provide witty and amusing insights into the personalities of some of modern diving’s most revered identities – and in the process reveal what it is that makes Tek Tick.

Representing a perfect opportunity to find out more about the personalities behind the presentations – and ideal for dive clubs and those unable to attend the day-time presentations – full details of, the ‘Twilight Tech Talks’ and “An Afternoon With … “ (including names of participants) will be announced in the early part of the New Year on the OZTeK2015 website at: www.diveoztek.com.au


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