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INONUK’s Anilao Photography Expedition and Workshop 2015.

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Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort in Cooperation with ScubaTravelUK present: INONUK’s Anilao Photography Expedition and Workshop 2015.

Join us as INONUK Photo pros lead by Lisa Collins host this 10 Day Philippine Diving Expedition.

In the heart of Anilao Batangas Philippines; dubbed by many as the center of the center of the Coral Triangle Anilao’s Marine Biodiversity is the Subject for this Underwater Photography Work Shop.

Shoot Lush Reefs capes current blown reefscapes, over grown with soft and hard coral formations.  Capture Beautiful walls bustling with fish-life of every shape and color imaginable; and stick your head in the sand to get the perfect photo of that Macro Critter you’ve been aiming to shoot.

All under the tutelage of INONUK’s Lisa Collins, who will be sharing nightly on Camera Basics, Technical Tips and Techniques while critiquing photos you have taken during the days diving.

It is a great chance to Experience this Fast Growing Philippine Macro Destination and polishing your Photography skills in the process.


The Schedule


May 31, 2015  6.30pm       Welcome Presentation at the bar

 1 June     3 Boat Dives

Presentation of Camera Basics


2 June      3 Boat Dives

Presentation on Macro photo clinic


3 June      3 Boat Dives

Presentation on Composition

Before/after dinner photo clinic


4 June      3 Dives

Presentation on Lighting photo clinic


5 June      3 Dives

Presentation on Shooting Mandarin Fish and at night

Before/after dinner photo clinic


6 June      2 Dives

For those who do not wish to do the Mandarin Dive, unlimited shore

diving is available at any time (with a buddy).

After dinner photo clinic


7 June      3 Dives

8 June      Presentation on Shooting Action and photo submission


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