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ReefCam: 24/7 Access to the most environmentally diverse ecosystem on earth

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ReefCam gives viewers 24 hour access to a world that was once secluded. A full network of underwater webcam systems are the backbone of the organization. It allows anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to view beautiful and unique environments. Currently, there are cameras located in Grand Cayman, Virgin Gorda, St. Thomas and the Florida Keys.

Sea to Sky

The underwater cameras pick up a variety of sea action and allow the viewer a chance to witness natural behaviors of a variety of marine life. Recently, on September 9 th, the Virgin Gorda camera spotted a Juvenile Trumpetfish- a fish known for being predators to small reef creatures.

ReefCam truly provides the excitement and thrill of spotting different creatures as if you were there in person. There is also a new camera located in the Brazilian Rainforest known as the BirdCam. The BirdCam shows some of the indiginous flying wildlife, including Swallow-tailed Hummingbirds, Black Jacobins, Blue-winged Parrotlets and Plain Parakeets.

Liquid Diving

Enthusiasts and professionals alike can experience what it is like to be submerged in various locations. The cameras are equipped to rotate 360 degrees with zoom with autofocus, providing viewers with a full tour of the reef. There are also a variety of sensors on the cameras that provide data on pH, salinity, temperature and dissolved oxygen.

The services and live video feeds offered through ReefCam can be utilized anywhere from hotels and spas to entertain guests to educational areas as sources for research. Services can be accessed on the ReefCam website as well as a personal phone or TV. There are also licensing opportunities available for organizations looking to distribute or connect to a broader audience.

ReefCam pledges to donate 25% of proceeds to conservation and research efforts around the world.

Enjoy the view at www.reefcam.tv



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ReefCam gives you a diver's view of the ocean in real time without requiring you to leave your seat. Also, by simply watching ReefCam you support the marine environment! ReefCam donates a portion of its proceeds to marine conservation and research. ReefCam is available for individuals, businesses, and scientists. Learn more at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/reefcam/

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