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Petition To Help Protect Cabo Pulmo National Park

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Protect Cabo Pulmo National Park

Photo by Dr. Octavio Aburto

Cabo Pulmo National Park, one of the most recognized protected areas in the world, and a declared World Heritage by UNESCO along with its surrounding coastal boarders in Punta Arena are being threatened by a hotel operation “Cabo Dorado” wanting to develop a +20,000 hotel rooms with golf courses and marina promoted by the company La Rivera Development.

Sea to Sky

A group of Mexican scientists and oceanographers are fighting back and have compiled ten full analytic reports of the situation in which they summarize the potential impact the project will have on the environment of Cabo Pulmo. We are closely working with the group of scientists whom are asking the Mexican Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources to use their report to serve as support to urge authorities to protect Cabo Pulmo. So far 1,471 international scientists, professors and environmental organizations have supported their campaign.

It is now up to us to show that there is a worldwide community that cares enough to protect Cabo Pulmo and to stop La Rivera Development from developing “Cabo Dorado”.

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Our goal: to reach 100,000 signatures by June 15th 2014. – Sign The Petition At: http://dive.im/1rf8jbq

The Cabo Pulmo community has struggled for twenty years to protect the area and its valuable resources. Hailed as one of the greatest conservation success stories, it is one of the most important and valuable ecological regions in Mexico and the world.

Let’s continue to protect Cabo Pulmo National Park for the next generations to come.

Baja’s Secret Miracle from
Eliana Alvarez Martinez on Vimeo.

Sign The Petition At: http://dive.im/1rf8jbq





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