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Petition to stop the killing of the endangered turtles in St. Lucia

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St Lucia Turtle Slaughter

Image: Change.org

The beaches of St. Lucia are nesting grounds for endangered turtle species including Leatherback and Hawksbill turtles. The main nesting sites are often remote and suffer from poaching of eggs and slaughter of the nesting turtles.

Sea to Sky

While this in itself is illegal in St. Lucia, St. Lucia still maintains an official turtle hunting season, and this is part of the reason poachers and consumers still feel it is ok to kill and consume despite knowing that it is illegal to slaughter nesting turtles and to take their eggs, because it is currentlly legal to consume the meat of these endangered animals in St. Lucia.

The same was once true of the endemic St. Lucia Parrot, which was on the brink of extinction until it was put under full protection. We ask the Government to rescind turtle hunting season and put a complete ban on the barbaric slaughter of these endangered animals.

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Source: Change.org


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