More Barrel Jellyfish Spotted in Falmouth

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Rhizostoma - Barrell Jellyfish

Photo: Mark Milburn

Over the last few weeks, divers and boats in the Falmouth area, have been encountering more and more Barrel Jellyfish (Rhizostoma Octopus, Rhizostoma Pulmo). These large pelagic species can reach up to 90cm across, the sort of size that have been encountered. Feeding mainly on plankton, they are thought to spend most of the time at depth, coming up when the plankton blooms. With the increasing in water visibility, as the plankton starts to die back, they are getting easier to spot. Despite it’s large size, the Barrel Jellyfish’s sting isn’t strong enough to be harmful to humans. If you manage to see one and get close, look for the various creatures that live within the jellyfish.

Nick with rhizostoma

Photo: Mark Milburn

Ben air Rhizostoma

Photo: Ben Dunstan




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Mark Milburn started diving late in life, at the age of 36 he did his PADI Open Water course. It wasn’t long before he got the bug. Now running his own dive centre, Atlantic Scuba, at Mabe near Falmouth in Cornwall, where Mark completes most of his 300-400 dives a year. As Mark says “it’s a mixture of teaching, commercial and fun dives, that gives me a healthy amount of underwater time each year”.

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