Sharkbite Sideshow’s Shark Angels Edition

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Sharkbite Sideshow's Shark Angels Edition

Shark Angels, a U.S. based non-profit, is pleased to invite you to a very special edition of Sharkbite Slideshows, presented to you by Joe the Shark and Shark Angels. The event will take place June 13th, at R-Bar. Doors will open at 8pm, and tickets are $15, with $10 being donated to Shark Angels! You can purchase your tickets here!

We are incredibly excited about this opportunity and to have Joe the Shark with us. Joe the Shark brings you some of the finest storytellers, burlesque performers, sideshow artists and pole dancers in New York City, every second and fourth Friday of the month at Sharkbite Sideshow. He is joining our team to help us advocate for shark conservation! Joe the Shark and Shark Angels are committed to the safety and preservation of these majestic, and all too often misunderstood, creatures of the sea. Humans kill over 75 million sharks every year, and we need to change this now or these amazing creatures will not be around to play their vital role in the ecosystem.

Sharkbite Sideshow's Shark Angels Edition

Not only is it a guaranteed good time with a line up like Corevette Leface, Creamed Stu, Joanna Ross, Miss Vivian, and The Alchemist! Plus, the attendance of Peter Aguero, award winning storyteller and our host for the night, Shania Cruea, pole dancing champion, and Wae Messed! But you will be supporting a good cause and helping to bring about change to rising issues.
If you are unable to attend, but still want to support a good cause and Shark Angels, you can make a donation on our site. 100% of your donation will go towards helping Shark Angels make a positive difference through advocacy and educational programs, like Fin Free.

Sharkbite Sideshow is the best place in Manhattan to enjoy the allure of burlesque, the wit and wisdom of a good story, and the mayhem of a circus sideshow. So, come on down to the Sharkbite Sideshow! We’ll take a bite out of ya!


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