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Dive Shop Owner Shot Dead In Philippines

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Tony Gilchrist

Tony Gilchrist.
Image source: Facebook

A British businessman who moved to the Philippines to open a dive shop has been shot dead by an employee he had sacked moments earlier.

Tony Gilchrist was shot four times in the chest and twice in the head by a security guard who had turned up for work drunk and 40 minutes late.

The 35-year-old, from Staines, west London, had just dismissed Melchor Alciso Jr, it is claimed. Mr Gilchrist died as he was taken to a hospital on Malapascua Island, where he had lived for two years. His brother, James, described him as a ‘wonderful person’ who died in a ‘beautiful, idyllic’ place that he loved.

‘My brother was an incredibly compassionate person who cared deeply about the Philippines,’ he added.

The shooting happened on Saturday at Fish Buddies, a scuba diving shop owned by Mr Gilchrist. Police believe Alciso used a .38 revolver issued by a security company. During his time in the Philippines, Mr Gilchrist distributed aid to areas worst hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

His brother continued: ‘When the typhoon hit, he hired a bus and was shipping aid back and forth. We raised more than £10,000. ‘He made sure it went to the most remote parts where help was needed and brought chainsaws so he could clear jungle. He was a wonderful man who cared about the people here.’

Alciso has admitted killing Mr Gilchrist but said he regretted it as he has three children as a single parent. The 42-year-old also claimed he was acting in self defence because Mr Gilchrist was trying to kick him.


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