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7 Nights For The Price of 4 In Exotic Belize

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Blackbird Caye Resort at The Scuba News

You’ve had it up to “here” with winter, and you dream about heavenly days spent staring at white sand and iridescent turquoise waters. You want to feel like you’ve had an adventure, like you’re not stuck in a rut. You’re planning a summer scuba diving holiday but struggling to find an affordable package. Whatever your reasons, you deserve a vacation you’ll love, and Blackbird Caye Resort can help with that! For a limited time, get 7 nights for the price of 4 nights! Beachfront. All inclusive. Yes, you heard right – pay for only 4 nights on a private island in exotic Belize and get an extra 3 nights for FREE!

Sea to Sky

Learn more or book your place at: http://www.blackbirdresort.com/seven-in-heaven.html



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