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Will Goodman Breaks The Closed Circuit Rebreather Depth Record To 290m

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Will Goodman World Record Team

(left to right in picture) Jeff Anastas, Theresia Gollner, Frank Cella, Jan Schmid ,Will Goodman, Jeffrey Glenn and Simon Liddiard.

On March 26th 2014, Will Goodman from the UK decended to a recorded depth of 290 metres using an un modified JJ CCR. By this depth all computers had stopped registering further and it is estimated that the actual depth was below 300 metres.

The dive was conducted out of Blue Marlin Dive, Gili Trawangan in Indonesia who provided full logistical and team member support. O’Three and Liquivision sponsored the event by providing exposure protection and dive computers respectively.

In water team members supporting this record breaking dive were; (left to right in picture) Jeff Anastas, Theresia Gollner, Frank Cella, Jan Schmid ,Will Goodman, Jeffrey Glenn and Simon Liddiard.

Will Goodman World Record


About Goodwilldiving

Goodwilldiving was established by Will Goodman in 2005 after years of travel and diving searching for the best technical diving experience. Based in Gili Trawangan, Lombok Indonesia the aim is to provide an unforgettable technical diving adventure regardless of your experience. http://www.goodwilldiving.com

About Blue Marlin Dive

The original dive centre on the Gili islands, Blue Marlin Dive was founded by Simon Liddiard in 1992. With locations on Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Lombok and Flores (Komodo) Blue Marlin’s expert team of international instructors teach recreational, technical and closed-circuit rebreather courses. Accredited through PADI, TDI and IART. http://www.bluemarlindive.com


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