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Underwater Body and Weapon Recovery Specialty, May 2014

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Participants will gain classroom knowledge on basic concepts of zero visibility search and recovery, evidence handling, terminology, safety issues, standards information and the Public Safety Diving Discipline. Invaluable for new teams and an excellent refresher for established teams. New material is added every year making this one of the most current and relevant programs offered.

Attention is placed on zero visibility diving, diver and team safety, documentation and paperwork, and successful dive missions.

Participants will be challenged with various skills in in a clear water pool using blacked out masks and will gain real experience in methods of underwater search and recovery while simulating zero visibility environments.

Teams will learn new training techniques and tips that they will be able to bring back with them.

During our open water scenario training, using information and skills learned, participants in the Body and Weapons Recovery Specialty will be challenged with successfully performing a search and evidence recovery of at least one weapon and will perform at least one successful body recovery.

UPON COMPLETION, participants will receive specialty certifications.

PREREQUISITES: Scuba participants MUST be a minimum of OW certified and should have a dive log showing no less than 15 dives. Some water skills will be tested.

To participate in water training participant must hold current open water SCUBA certification and meet the prerequisite medical release requirements.

This program is hosted each year by the:
Travis County Emergency Unit.

The Travis County Emergency Unit is an all-volunteer public service dive team. TCEU has provided underwater search and recovery assistance in Travis County and throughout central Texas since 1972. The Travis County Dive Team is one of the country’s oldest public service dive teams.

This program is co hosted by:
Toms Dive & Swim
 5909 Burnet Rd
Austin, TX
(512) 451-3425

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: Participants must provide their own basic scuba gear. If necessary, extra gear will be available but prearrangement with Toms Dive and Swim will be required to insure you will have what you need. Please bring tanks and weights if you are driving to the class. Air refills will be provided at no cost. If you are flying in, make arrangements for needed equipment at least a week in advance.

SCHEDULE ANNOUNCEMENT: Participants should be prepared for wet work all day Saturday and Sunday. We will be training on mission time and there will be no official lunch break on these days. Bring a sack lunch or snacks!

LODGING: There are numerous hotels available with a wide range of prices and amenities within a 10 mile radius of UT Austin. The first two days of the program will be held in the Lee and Joe Jamail Texas swim Center. 1900 Robert Dedman Dr. Austin, TX. Parking Passes WILL be provided.

Underwater Crime Scene Series
Our scenarios are real. Students will be challenged with an underwater crime scene in zero visibility and will use the skills and lessons learned to evaluate and conduct an underwater investigation and recovery.  Safety, techniques, documentation and attention to detail will be challenged and tested. The Underwater Crime Scene Specialties are designed to present a new aspect of Public Safety Diving to Fire, Police and SAR, Dive Recovery Teams or Water Response teams who work both above and below the surface.

Learn more at: http://www.psdiver.com/images/2014_Austin_Class_Flier_v6.pdf


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