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The IE Is Approaching at Crystal Divers

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Crystal Divers IDC

We’ve done fourteen days of the IDC by now. Only two days remaining until we’re at our IE, Instructor Examination.

We’ve all come a long way in these two weeks. Some of us were really bad at some skills, and some were really bad at teaching. But if you could see us now, that thought would never enter your mind.

Minni Vangsgaard and the rest of the Crystal Divers team, have moulded us into some of the best instructors there are. We’re really comfortable with every aspect of teaching, and we’re all getting high scores on both theoretical tests and in-water presentations. Compared to just two weeks ago, we’ve made an amazing journey.

The IE starts on Friday. So the time now is just for preparing for it, and I actually feel that we’re all ready. Unless someone really messes up on the IE, I’m pretty sure we’re all gonna pass it with flying colours.

The time here at Crystal Divers Bali has truly been amazing. I’ve gotten to know all kinds of really cool people, and I’ve made friends for life. Not to mention all the connections I’ve been able to tie during my time here.

I’m gonna be looking for employment as soon as the IE is over, and I feel I’ve got some pretty good chances. Not only because I’m lucky enough to be able to teach in four languages, but since I’ve gotten some really good connections and tips. I’m probably not gonna be staying in Bali, since the job market here looks a bit thin, but Thailand looks really promising right now.

So, what have we done in the past few days? Well, we’ve been in the pool more hours than I can count, and spent some time in open water as well. Everything from presentations to workshops.

Tomorrow we’re going in the pool again to go through the last bits and pieces, and Thursday is our last open water dive before the IE.

Oh, and today we got our “uniform” too. Black shorts with my name sewn in, as well as Crystal Divers. We’re gonna wear it to the IE, together with a Crystal Divers t-shirt. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll be updating you a bit more these coming days, since our schedule is starting to clear up again. I’ve got more free time on my hands, so the writing is starting to take shape.


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