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Days 2 and 3 of the IDC with Crystal Divers

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Days 2 and 3 of the IDC with Crystal Divers

I was planning on writing yesterday, but actually had too much studying that got in the way. So this will have to cover both days.

Sea to Sky

Yesterday we started out by talking a bit about risk assessment, something I’ve got a great interest in. I had to use it a lot in my previous line of work, and it’s something that’s still very useful in the dive industry.

They also brought up some fun facts. For example, did you know what sport is considered the most dangerous, where most people die every year? We had some wild guesses, but all of us were way off.

It’s actually golf.

And when you start to look at it, it makes sense. Most golfers are quite old, and the leading cause of death on the golf course is heart attack. So, golfing isn’t really dangerous, but it’s the sport with the highest number of deaths. Puts things in a bit of perspective.

And if you look at how many people die every year in their sleep, it’s way higher than scuba diving. So you could actually say that you’re safer going out scuba diving than you are sleeping.

We followed up that subject with talking a bit about diver acquisition programs. Such as the DSD, Bubblemaker and Seal Team. All PADI programs designed to get people into scuba diving.

That, of course, was quickly followed by an afternoon in the pool, where we got to act as DSD students while one of our IDC Staff members showed us an appropriate and correct way of conducting a pool session with DSD students. Was really fun, and I think all of us got to learn a lot by it.

But, the day wasn’t over after that. They sent us up in the classroom again, and handed us a test. The five diving theories was the subject.

It’s meant to test our skills, and see where we’re at education wise, and what subjects needs to be focused on.

I did better on it than I expected, but the physics part needs some work. I knew that already, so I’ve prepared some time to study up on the parts I need. I’ll be more than ready for when the next test comes.

I then spent all night studying for our first classroom presentation. I got home around 1 at night, and went straight to bed. Up again at 6 for more studying.

Day three of the IDC, meaning today, started off with our presentations. We each got up, presented our subjects, and got reviewed by Minni, our Course Director, and the IDC Staff members.

I didn’t do that good. I forgot some major parts of my presentation, got stuck reading my notes at some points, and forgot some key points that needed to be in there.

But scored a overall 3.2, where 3.5 is the pass score. Not too bad for a first introduction on physics, my nemesis subject. I’m aiming for a way higher score for my next presentation.

And that’s what came next. We got our new questions to do a presentation on for the day after tomorrow. I got a question about the eRDP, a subject I’m not really to fond of. I’ll try to make something fun of it, and I already have some great ideas for the presentation.

Then we spent about 5 hours in the pool. We did a full skill circuit, with emphasis on the key points of demonstrating each skill. We followed that up with doing some exercises with a lift bag and knots.

I felt I deserved a beer tonight, so I had two. Now I’m gonna spend about an hour doing research for my next presentation before going to bed.

The IDC so far is hard, but everything I expected it to be. Crystal Divers is constantly proving to me why they’re one of the top dive schools in Indonesia, and I’m confident they’re going to turn me into one of the top instructors. I couldn’t ask for a better education than this.


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