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Latest Update On Missing Bali Divers

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One more body found yesterday by search teams. 

There are still speculations and rumours, but most of them point the same way in regard to how this situation occurred, and how the divers could get lost.

Supposedly, the dive boat had to go back for fuel for some reason, and when they returned to the dive site they could’t find the divers.

According to some statements one of the instructors from the group decided to break away from the group to try and look for the dive boat. That instructor was supposedly the first body that search teams found later on.

The rest of the group drifted away from the dive site, and they ended up drifting back and forth between Nusa Penida and Sanur. The day after they went missing they were drifting close to Sanur, and actually saw the boats leaving the shore to look for them, but they weren’t seen or heard.

Search teams have been out in shifts, some in shifts well over 12-13 hours.

Even though four of the original seven divers were found alive, this is a sad story. Every time a diver disappears or dies, it takes it’s toll on the industry. This shouldn’t happen, ever.

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