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Splash4Sharks: Kids in Action Campaign

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Splash 4 Sharks at The Scuba NewsKids offer hope not only for sharks, but also for the future of our oceans. With this in mind, it is critical for them to be armed with the facts about these amazing animals. One of our main goals at Sharks4Kids is to empower and encourage students to speak up on behalf of sharks. It is also crucial to support the voice that each child has and continuously remind them they are being heard and they can make a difference.

The goal of this campaign is to encourage students around the world to speak up and make a Splash4Sharks. A single splash creates a ripple, which grows and impacts a much larger area. Like ripples, we want the support for sharks to spread and we hope students will inspire one another through this outreach campaign.

Sea to Sky

We will provide information about current events, petitions, protests and proposed laws or bans in the world of shark conservation as a platform for students to speak up.  An example would be the shark cull currently happening in Western Australia. People around the world, including over 100 shark scientists do not support the cull and we encourage others to do the same. Posters, pictures, PSAs or letters are an excellent way to show your support of sharks and spread the word.

Other ideas include favorite sharks facts, why sharks need our help and why students want to help sharks.

Liquid Diving

We will showcase the efforts made by students around the world on our sites as well as other media outlets. This will include blogs, images, videos and letters, so get creative and make a Splash4Sharks!

How to Get Involved:

You can email us or check out social media pages for current shark events.  Then it is up to you and your students to decide how you want to express your support for sharks. Send us your images, your letters, your posters or your videos and we will share them.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us sharks4kids@gmail.com



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Jillian Morris is a marine biologist, shark advocate, professional videographer, educator, writer, photographer and lover of all things water. She and her husband run a conservation media company called Oceanicallstars, traveling the world to film, research and educate people about sharks. Follow her adventures on her blog www.shark-girl.blogspot.com Learn more at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/jillian-morris/

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