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JC Scuba Swindon To Raise Funds for Marine Conservation in the UK in New Partnership with Sea Changers

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JC Scuba at The Scuba NewsSwindon based dive Company JC Scuba Ltd. has agreed a partnership with Sea-Changers, the UK marine conservation charity, aimed at raising funds for UK marine conservation projects.

Funds will be raised via a combination of asking divers to donate direct to the charity via text message whenever they dive and via Sea-Changers’ “tank top up scheme”, whereby divers can donate a 10p levy per air fill or tank whilst diving. 100% of the money raised by JC Scuba’s customers will be passed on to relevant marine conservation charities and projects, with no administration costs subtracted.

Sea to Sky

Sea Changers at The Scuba News

Sea-Changers will distribute the money to a range of projects, within one of the following areas:

Liquid Diving

  • Marine Reserves/Protected Marine Areas
  • Direct Marine Clean Up Action
  • Education, Campaigning and Awareness Raising
  • Species Protection and Research

Previous projects that Sea-Changers have supported include:

  • The Loch Craignish Tern Project – Loch Craignish, in Mid Argyll on the west coast of Scotland used to have a thriving sea-bird population but unfortunately, American mink have predated the nesting colonies, to the extent that in 2012 only 1 pair of Common Terns was seen. This project is working hard to restore the number of birds in the area to their former levels and Sea-Changers provided grant-aid to support their work.
  • Sea Watch Foundation – Sea Watch is a national marine conservation research charity dedicated to the protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans) around the UK. The Sea-Changers grant in 2013 is providing funding for a photo-identification survey of Liverpool Bay.
  • RSPB Marine Education Days – Sea-Changers has provided funding towards events with more than 300 primary school pupils from Skye and Lochalsh. Two special Marine Education Days at the Aros Centre in Portree helped pupils gain an insight into their local marine ecosystem, and its effects on their lives as well as their own impacts upon it.
  • The National Lobster Hatchery –this is a pioneering marine conservation, research and education charity, based in Cornwall. Their aim is to help conserve vulnerable lobster populations and they work closely with local lobster fishermen to achieve this. Sea-Changers gave funds to be used for lobster larvae feed.

Jason Costello, Proprietor of JC Scuba Ltd. said: “The conservation of the environment in the waters where we dive is something we and our customers are very passionate about. Working with Sea-Changers gives us an easy way to give something back to the environment we enjoy.”

Helen Webb, Co-Founder of Sea-Changers said: “It’s great to be working with JC Scuba, their customers and staff to raise much needed funds. Our vision is to create a world where seas and shores are clean and healthy, marine species are protected and where, far from damaging the oceans, all scuba divers positively contribute to the sustainability of the marine environment. JC Scuba and their customers will be helping us to make that vision a reality.”

Learn more

You can learn more about JC Scuba by visiting http://www.jcscuba.net or learn more about the great work of Sea Changers at http://www.sea-changers.org.uk




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JC Scuba, Swindon has been running for 7 years and runs a variety of course ranging from Open Water, right through to the first PADI professional qualification Dive Master. Learn more about JC Scuba at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/jc-scuba-swindon/

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