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Update: Weight Watchers UK Change Policy Following Public Backlash

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Weight Watchers PR Fail at The Scuba News

Some of you may have seen yesterdays article in which I was quite critical of Weight Watchers UK. I wasn’t necessarily critical of including Swordfish or Monkfish in their “Filling and Healthy Foods” list, it was more aimed at the response to the public concerns voiced via their Facebook page which appeared either naive or stupid at best.

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Well I am pleased to say that public has spoken and Weight Watchers UK have stepped up to the plate and acted in a positive way to change their position. Below is the quote from the Weight Watchers UK Facebook Page.

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Our programme materials including our Filling & Healthy food list are designed to help members make informed choices based on the energy density, fat, sugar, salt and fibre content of any food. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive database possible to best serve all members’ needs. However, we recognise and share concerns about preserving our ocean life so that we can all enjoy healthy seafood for generations to come. We take great efforts to listen to our members’ concerns and ensure that we do the right thing by them. As such we would like to work with Bite Back and DEFRA, as experts in marine conservation, to help us better inform our members on sustainable seafood choices while following the ProPoints plan.
We would like to apologise again to all our members who have been upset by this issue.

Well done Weight Watchers for doing the right thing and thank you to everyone who shared and “tweeted” our article yesterday and helped raise awareness of this issue. 🙂




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