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How Can This Disgusting Picture Get 1245 Likes on Instagram?

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Name and Shame Pictures at The Scuba News

Screen grab of the offending photo on Instagram!

As you probably know if you read The Scuba News regularly, that I am always looking for “Name and Shame” opportunities in an attempt to raise awareness about marine life cruelty, quite often at the hands of “so-called” scuba professionals.

Well this photo was brought to my attention by a fellow Instagram user (steinriede_ph2otography) and I certainly think the chap posting this picture (fawaz_alsaqer), or idiot as I prefer to call him, is certainly worthy of the “Name and Shame” treatment.

I still find it amazing that over 1000 people can “like” this picture. What is there to like? It simply proves the point that more education is required to teach people the correct ways to interact with marine wildlife and avoid what is clearly a stressful situation for this turtle. Education is essential, not just to stop people posing for pictures like this, but to also stop people thinking this is acceptable and clicking stop people clicking the “like” button….this is not worthy of a “like” at all!




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  1. I live in that country and dive off of that particular town. Will do my best to track this guy down and report him to one of the ruling family here who personally takes a very strong view about how marine life is treated. Will keep you updated.

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