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rEvo Rebreathers To Unveil The Brand New rEvo X Expedition Unit at The Birmingham Dive Show

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Meet brand new rEvo Expedition Unit – also known as the rEvo X.

rEvo X Expedition 2014 CCR at The Scuba News

This fantastic new unit will be officially unveiled this weekend at The Birmingham Dive Show (Dive 2013). Come and visit us on the stand and we can show you all that this fantastic new rEvo has to offer.

  • rEvo III model 2014
  • Titanium housing
  • 2 rEvodreams P5
  • rEvo Petrel DiveCan unit (choice between: mCCR computer / hCCR (non-rMS) / hCCR full rMS controller)
  • 5 sensors
  • 2 quadrolocks
  • Weight pouch installed
  • Micro, mini or standard
  • Nautec valves on O2 and Dil (CE only)


rEvo III model 2014:

  • Front mounted MAV only
  • Regulator connections on O2 and DIL
  • Waterproof cable connection on solenoid

rEvodream P5

  • 5 times longer battery life (800 hours in normal operation)
  • wet matable 4-pin connector near the sensors: allows to remove the sensor tray from the rebreather
  • brighter orange and red LED light: if things go wrong, it shows up clearly
  • dual transparent potting on HUD
  • Piezo activation: no tapping
  • and all the features of the rEvodream P: reliable, easy to use

rEvo Petrel hardwired OC/CC computer

  • OC/CC computer with external sensor reading, 4-pin wet matable connector near the sensors

rEvo Petrel hCCR setpoint controller (non-rMS)

  • Including OC/CC deco
  • 4-pin to triple molex wet matable connection
  • Waterproof connection on solenoid

rEvo Petrel full rMS setpoint controller

  • Including OC/CC deco
  • Full scrubber monitoring
  • Independently functioning electronics (DiveCan)
  • Waterproof connectors on solenoid

Near Eye Remote Display

  • Final configuration and setup information: early 2014


Upgrade kit solenoid 2014:

  • For all current units: an upgrade kit is available to change to a waterproof solenoid connection: it includes a new coil with male waterproof connectors, a set of female connectors to solder onto the terminal wires, a new grid and the appropriate fixation screws


Can’t make it to the Birmingham Dive Show but want more information on the brand new rEvoX? Contact us today and we will answer all of your questions!


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Simon is a highly experienced technical diver and rebreather instructor, teaching everything from entry level rebreather diving to 100m mixed gas CCR diving. He has been both diver and owner of many rebreather units including: AP Inspiration, AP Evolution, KISS, Sentinel, Megladon and he his now responsible for all UK rEvo Supply and Training having found what he considers to be the perfect rebreather in the rEvo. You can follow Simon on Facebook, on Twitter or by visiting the Tekdeep website.

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