Launch of Silent Reef Photography – win a marine conservation print of your choice!

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Silent Reef is excited to launch Silent Reef Photography, a stock photo library of marine conservation images.

Our aim is to build a world class library of high quality marine impact images. We launch today with galleries that include:

  • Fish Markets – also wildlife trade and crocodile meat images
  • Ocean Pollution – with a focus on marine debris
  • Sea Turtles – shows ill and injured sea turtles and turtle head start programs
  • Sharks and Manta Rays – images from the shark fin soup industry and harvesting of manta ray gill rakers for traditional Chinese medicine
  • Traditional Fishing – a focus on Sri Lanka fishermen showing a lifestyle threatened by large-scale industrial fishing and modern factory fishing ships
  • Papua New Guinea – a special feature on PNG with a focus on community, social issues and woman’s issues

Silent Reef Photography’s marine conservation images are available for editorial, advertising and electronic media uses under a Rights Managed license.

Silent Reef Photography is part of the Silent Reef marine conservation initiative. Silent Reef was born from recognition that our ever-growing population, throwaway society and development-at-any-environmental-cost business practices are damaging marine ecosystems and driving ocean wildlife to extinction.

But Silent Reef was also born from recognition that people love the ocean and marine life, and will act when they recognise the environmental issues. Silent Reef works to promote community action to protect the marine environment and marine wildlife. We hope you will join us and take action with Silent Reef.

We hope you enjoy browsing our image galleries. Today’s launch is the first step in building a world-class marine conservation and marine impact stock image library that shows the loser’s in our love affair with the ocean.

Launch Special – win a print of your choice!

We are so keen for you to join the Silent Reef movement we are offering a special launch promotion – a chance to win a high quality print of your choice from the Silent Reef Photography image galleries. Simply use the app on the Silent Reef Facebook page to enter – two lucky winners will be announced at the end of the month.

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Silent Reef is a non-profit organisation that raises awareness of threats to our oceans through inspirational presentations and environmental education. We promote community action to protect marine wildlife and provide resources, advice and support for local marine conservation campaigns. Learn more at:

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