Aiyanar Beach and Dive Resort – Anilao Batangas

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Aiyanar Anilao at The Scuba News

Aiyanar Anilao at The Scuba NewsAiyanar Beach and Dive Resort is the newest and most modern Dive Resort in Anilao Batangas today, it is geared more towards the Underwater Imaging Segment of the industry.   Anilao has long been a local Dive Destination in the Philippines, its good mix of reefs, sandy slopes, caves and piers make for a really interesting Dive vacation.  Just a boat ride away from Puerto Galera and Verde Island; Anilao makes for the perfect staging area to access all these well known Philippine Dive Destinations.

Aiyanar Anilao at The Scuba News

In recent years with the boom of UW Macro Photography and the influx of foreign divers Anilao has gained a following among those looking for a place to photograph great underwater subjects and seascapes.  With the influx of foreign influence the knowledge and skill set has grown and now; critters like the Rhinopias, and Sea Dragons thought to have only been in Lembeh are being Spotted regularly in these waters.

For the longest time the waterloo of Anilao has been the lack of accommodations and facilities of Western Standards.  Being avid divers who’ve seen and experienced dive operations elsewhere in the world, the partners of Aiyanar envisioned an Anilao facility whose standards would not only pass, but exceed the expectations of the ever increasing Diver Base from the west.  What they have come up with is a modern Dive Resort well laid out over 4 hectares of land right in the heart of this up and coming Macro Mecca.

Aiyanar has every tool to make Diver’s and Specially Under Water Photographer’s stay a pleasant and highly efficient experience.  We have built our own boats making them longer and wider in effect better suited to carrying UW photographers than the usual Anilao Outrigger boats.  And to compliment those Aiyanar has 4 fast boats of different sizes for dive trips out to those farther away destinations like Verde Island and even Puerto Galera putting them all within 30-45 mins boat ride of the resort.

Aiyanar Anilao at The Scuba News

The Dive Center well stocked with gear and tools to suit all needs, sits on more than 120sqm of well designed space that assists in the efficient flow of Divers departing and arriving at the resort during peak operations.

To augment all these, there is the camera room with space for 18 Photographers actively working on their cameras; and provisions for double that number if needed, it is hands down one of the best equipped Camera Rooms in Anilao.  Details such as air hoses are in place, ready for blasting and drying wet cameras.  Camera Tables are covered in a non-slip rubber material helps keep all your parts and what nots in place while you prepare for the days diving.  The Aiyanar Camera Room is truly a space designed by Underwater Photographers to service Photographers.

Aiyanar Anilao at The Scuba News

Softening all this functionality and efficiency is a living area chic and modern, with an open air dining room that over looks the whole property and the sea.  The dining room is highlighted by Aiyanar’s open kitchen where all the sumptuous buffet meals are prepared and guests are free to watch the magic happen.

The rooms which are well equipped with all the amenities you would expect from a modern hotel are lighted perfectly for any mood you may want.  The beds are firm yet comfortable; match that with the pillows and high thread count sheets and you complete the equation of a good nights sleep.  Each room is also adorned with its own balcony area offering sea views over the sprawling well manicured lawn below.

The Infinity Pool at the end of the lawn is the best place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.  Whether it be to catch some sun or just to wind down after an activity filled day.  Enjoying a fruit smoothie or even an ice cold cocktail; while watching the sun setting on the Anilao coastline is the perfect way to end an Aiyanar day.

As a whole Aiyanar, is a well planned out mix of everything Divers and their Families would want from a vacation resort; and as each day passes the management is constantly striving to think of ways to make it better.  🙂

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Aiyanar Anilao at The Scuba News



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