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Diver goes the extra mile to protect sharks, by reaching into their mouths and extracting hooks

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Cristina Zenato Shark Hook Removal

Cristina Zenato calms her beloved patients first, with a sort of hypnosis, then embarks on what seems to be a very risky practice

Cristina Zenato has been referred to as a shark whisperer because of her ability to lure the predators in and mesmerize them into a state of tonic immobility, which is a sort of hypnosis that occurs when they’re flipped over or when their noses are massaged.

With these powers, which require bravery and trust, Zenato has recently taken to performing oral surgery on her beloved sharks of the Bahamas, if it can be called that, by removing fishing hooks from their mouths.

Most of the hooks have been on the inner fringes of the sharks’ mouths, but sometimes they’re embedded deeply inside the mouths. This is when Zenato’s work gets tricky


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