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Society Of Lady Divers got together this month for a great cause!

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Society of Lady Divers at The Scuba News

On Saturday August 3rd 2013 Society Of Lady Divers and friends got together for a day of diving in support of Dive Heart. Twenty divers came out to join us on Lois Ann Dive Charter here in San Diego California.

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Who is Dive Heart you ask?

“The purpose of Dive heart is to provide and support educational SCUBA diving, surface supplies gas (SSG), snorkeling and related experience programs which are open to any child, adult, or veteran with a disability with the hope of providing both physical and psychological therapeutic value to that person, while building confidence, independence and self esteem … enriching their quality of life and human spirit.”

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“The Dive Heart Foundation was founded in 2001 and is a non-profit tax exempt 501(C)(3) national organization chartered in the state of Illinois.”

Everyone who came out and expressed their support for Dive Heart, WE SALUTE YOU! We had a fantastic group of ocean enthusiast on board last Saturday. Some old friends and new friends, a wonderful day out at Point Loma Kelp will not soon be forgotten.

We had beautiful sunny weather and optimal dive conditions. Everyone had such a wonderful time that we decided how much fun it would be to make it an annual event. The owners of the boat Randy and Cherrie donated to our cause as well as Captain John and Eric Mycroft. These boys donated the entire tip jar to Dive Heart!

As divers we really can come together and make a difference. By doing what we love together and spreading the word about organizations such as Dive Heart we can help others discover scuba diving and quite possibly change lives!

Dive Heart really strikes a cord with me for many reasons. My main reason is to think how much it can mean for someone with disabilities to have the chance at learning to dive. Whether or not it’s our boys and girls coming home from war, or families who struggle daily with any type of disability, Dive Heart gives hope and inspiration  to each one of these amazing individuals.

Society Of Lady Divers had such a blast “Taking a Giant Stride to Make a Difference” and support the efforts put on by this incredible non-profit organization. As a group we raised over $2,600.00 in one day! A huge thank you to all who participated in this event. We look forward to next year and every year to come after.

If you would like to learn more about Dive Heart please visit  www.diveheart.org

We also made a fun video montage of our first annual Dive Heart Day! 


Please share this write up and video with friends and family in hopes to get even more awareness about Dive Hearts program out there in the world.

Much Love to you all,

Karma Jewell Crampton



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