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Things that are more likely to kill you than sharks

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Great White Breaching The Surface

Great White Breaching The Surface. Courtesy of apexpredators.com

Sharks are certainly misunderstood and create apprehension and fear in a great many people. To make those of you who are afraid feel a little bit better, here is a list of things are much more likely to kill you than sharks!

  • Heart Disease – Kills 7.25 million people annually
  • Mosquitoes – Kill 1.4 million people annually
  • Cars – Kill 1.21 million people annually
  • Lightning – Kills 24,000 people annually
  • Boats – Kill 5900 people annually
  • Texting – Kills 5870 people annually
  • Drowning – Kills 2000 people annually
  • Bees, Wasps and Hornets – Kill 1280 people annually
  • Ants – Kill 980 people annually
  • Dogs – Kill 455 people annually
  • Snakes – Kill 160 people annually
  • Spiders – Kill 120 people annually
  • Vending Machines – Kill 65 people annually
  • Hippos – Kill 50 people annually
  • Jellyfish – Kill at least 40 people annually
  • Crocodiles and Alligators – Kill 14 people annually
  • Scorpions – Kill 10 people annually

Are you still frightened of sharks??

Learn more about shark preservation at http://www.supportoursharks.com 


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