Another Shameful Picture from Egyptian “Dive Professional”

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Shameful Picture - Egypt

So called “Dive Professionals”

If you are a regular reader of The Scuba News you will know that this type of picture makes me so angry and lost for words. This one is another from Egypt and it is more than disturbing that these people call themselves “Dive Professionals”.

Thankfully this one has been brought to the attention of HEPCA who have reported the matter to the governors office and the National Parks office and hopefully some action will be taken.

Here is the official announcement from HEPCA

So this idiot decided to this crime and post this stupid picture on the first day of a holy month. We will get him for his crime and for ruining the first day of Ramadan for everyone here in our headquarters. All info regarding this “dive guide” were sent this morning to the governor’s office and national parks office. People with such behavior should imprisoned. Banning them from diving will not solve the problem.

You can learn more about some of the great work HEPCA undertake to protect the Red Sea at



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