More Shameful Practices From Dive “Professionals”, This Time in Tenerife

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easydiverstenerife7I have seen (and shared) quite a few disturbing pictures of so called dive professionals recently, mainly in the Red Sea but this time it is a little bit different.

These photos are not from uneducated, stupid divers – these are from a PADI Dive Center in Tenerife. Not only are these disturbing pictures floating around on the Internet, the dive center in question actually use these pictures to promote their diving center!! To say that I am shocked would be an understatement.

How are divers going to learn the correct way of doing things if this is the example being set by the instructor! – Easydivers Tenerife, you should be ashamed of yourselves and should not be in the business of diving! (my opinion only, please feel free to form your own opinion).

Here is a selection of more photos from Easydivers Tenerife and you can see even more on their Facebook page at: – Please make your feelings about this publicly known on their Facebook page! – Scroll to the bottom and there is even a video!

UPDATE: Since this article was published, an official statement has now been received from Easydivers Tenerife – Read it at:










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  1. Brilliant response to the Tenerife dive school. They’ve respoded by firing those responsible in the photos and made assurances this behaviour won’t be tolerated in the future.

    Thanks for highlighting it Lee.

    The power of social networking….

    • Thanks Alan, Yes it is not only great that the dive centre responded, but that they responded quickly. I get so angry seeing some of the awful pictures of marine life cruelty from around the world so this certainly made a welcome change! I have nothing but praise for the new centre owner and wish him all the luck in his new venture despite the rocky start!

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