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Introducing Shark-Con – The Shark Conservation and Watersports Convention

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Shark-ConHave you ever wanted to do something big? Have you ever wanted to make the world a better place or even help something that couldn’t help itself?

Also, did you ever see Comic-Con and think it would be a lot of fun if there was something like that for the things I like to do? Well, it was these two ideas that came together and formed the idea for Shark-Con, Shark Conservation and Watersports Convention.

So next I thought “What would I like to see?” I love the TED talks. What if there were a series of those but aimed at the Oceanographic world? I like taking charters and diving, but wouldn’t it be great if there was one place to check out a variety of those? Then I wanted to inspire, not just the avid lovers of the ocean, but the casual as well.

It is much easier to get people to care about things they know and love. So I thought if we brought in people from Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and major aquariums we might attract those people as well. I thought it would be fun to watch families sign up for their first open water class and buy their new gear. Plus maybe we would have things like stand up paddle boarding, which I have always wanted to try. And finally we could have exhibits that would attract the whole family including kids, so we can educate them about the importance of the ocean from an early age.

That’s one of the main reasons Shark-Con wants to raise money. If we educate children about the ocean and its importance then going forward they will understand why they need to protect it. How else could we help? Today it is harder for researchers to get money to discover ways to help the ocean and its inhabitants. So we can ensure those advances are made by raising money them. Finally, why are those in the shark fin trade successful at blocking conservation efforts? Money. So let’s fund conservation efforts that are working to end the shark fin trade and save the sharks! Attending this event would be like seeing SHARK WEEK LIVE! I can’t wait. How about you?

We need your support. We are looking for sponsors! There are many different levels that can be found on www.shark-con.com under sponsorship information. Also, please “like” our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SharkCon to keep updated on new speakers, exhibits, and vendors as we add them. It also helps show those people this is something you want! If you are interested in becoming a vendor (discounts for non-profits) please contact us


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My name is Spencer Steward. I got my bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami, where I did research on lemon and nurse sharks. I have since received my Masters from the Florida Institute of Technology, and will be beginning my doctorate in the Fall at USF. I am the Campaign Manager for the shark conservation group Shark Angels. Learn more at: http://www.thescubanews.com/contributors/spencer-steward/

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