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The IANTD Essentials for CCR divers

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IANTDThe Essentials of diving have been created using IANTD basics philosophy, including physical, mental, land drills, and in-water skills preparation. This teaching program accessible to all diver level is designed to be used when you “pass the door”.
The original Essentials was written in French and introduced to IANTD in 2002. Once accepted, it became part of the IANTD training Standards in 2009, and translated in English. The Essentials manual comes accompanied with a DVD. The program was introduced at DEMA show 2008 in Orlando and was launched at DEMA show 2010 in Las-Vegas.

IANTD Philosophy has been working on diver safety for a long time now, using different methods including mixed gas diving training such as Nitrox and Trimix, equipment preparation and configuration, Rebreathers training. The agency has even developed lectures including mental and physical chapters.
All IANTD diver manuals go that way and the Essentials is a reminder for all.

Essentials Physical Training: is being honest with ourselves so that we can fairly evaluate our physical status. We sometimes may have a tendency to believe that a diver is not a competing athlete. The physical training aspect is often forgotten. Some divers might think that diving is enough activity to stay in shape.
I believe that diving can become a strenuous acitvity and being in shape is an important factor to increase divers safety.

Essentials Mental Preparation: Physical aspect is easy to evaluate. But what about our mental? We sometimes jump in the water without really listening our “inner voice” (feeling, sensations), we are not always mentally fit for a specific dive when we have something in our mind, we are not in harmony with ourselves. In the Essentials program we use some techniques to become more aware of ourselves, our environment and our buddy. Developing a sense of responsibility towards each other is key.

Essentials Land Drills: helping the divers discover the sense, review some of the techniques practiced in the water, and more importantly learn how to deal when faced with stressful moments which could happen underwater.

Essentials In-Water Training: in any sport there is people who practice and people who do not. In my opinion we should practice our basics and more advanced skills that we are qualified to on a regular basis. Secret to mastery of a skill is practice!

The IANTD Essentials are not another “Specialty” course, it is a full program that needs to be understood as it is. I encourage everyone to test it and then practice it.
Should you want to become an Essentials Diver we invite you to check our information online or inquire about the program with your local IANTD Essentials Instructor.
Should you want to become IANTD Essentials Instructor you have to be qualified at IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor level and take the Essentials course.

Essential manual and DVD now available


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Georges Gawinowski has been teaching full time scuba diving for 18 years. He is located in North Florida in "Cave country". He is IANTD's Training Director for the US South-East coast, member of the IANTD Board of Advisors.

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