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Do you have old diving equipment that is just gathering dust? Let us sell it for you…for Free!

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Buy and Sell Used Diving EquipmentAll divers like shiny new kit and we love the foreplay of testing things in the dive shop before taking out our wallets. This is fantastic to be fair but what you are also left with is diving equipment which is surplus to your requirements.

Here at The Scuba News we can now help you solve that problem. We can help you sell your unwanted dive kit for FREE! Yes, you did read that correctly. We will list your unwanted dive kit on The Scuba News completely free of charge complete with pictures and even a jazzy video if you have one!

Selling your unwanted dive kit means you will have lots more money to buy lots more new shiny dive kit so contact us today and let us help you sell your old stuff!

Simply click here to contact us and we will explain how we can list your items for you. No complicated forms, no long registration processes. Just send us the details and some pictures and we will take care of the rest….Simple!



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Lee has been in the marketing industry for the last 15 years and now specializes in teaching marketing techniques to people in the scuba diving industry. He is founder of Dive Media Solutions which, in addition to providing complete marketing, media, communications and IT solutions exclusively for the scuba diving industry, also produces The Scuba News. You can connect with Lee via Twitter by following @DiveMedia

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Dive Curacao

Scuba Mask Straps