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Another Red Sea “Name and Shame” Picture!

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I actually hate posting pictures like this because I find it disgusting but the more people who know about these types of disturbing practices, the easier it might be to get more of these idiots banned from the Red Sea!

Name and Shame 3

These so called “Dive Professionals” need to be stopped!

Sea to Sky

Apparently this one is called Momen Allaa and you can find him on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/momen.allaa



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  1. It is a shame that this Dive related people don’t realize that killing the same animals that attract tourist divers to their destinations actually kills the business, that moray worth’s more alive than death if you just care about money, not mentioning its importance as an essential part of the reef ecosystem. Educational programs and peers pressure to change the mind set can help revert this tendencies.

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