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Ban these guides from the Red Sea – Shameful practices!

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Disgusting Dive Guide Images

Disgusting and shameful practices by so called “Dive Professionals”

I have just stumbled across this on Facebook and I have to say that I am absolutely appalled at the actions of some so called “Dive Professionals” in the Red Sea.

Sea to Sky

Everyone who loves to dive in the Red Sea does so because of the beauty. The beauty of the wrecks, the beauty of the reefs and the beauty of the marine life. It is with this in mind that you can see just how shameful some divers can be.

There is a full album of photos like this one which “Name and Shame” the people in question, with a view to getting them banned from guiding in the Red Sea to help preserve the marine life.

View the album by CLICKING HERE and report any instances of marine life cruelty in the Red Sea to HEPCA at http://www.hepca.org


La Galigo

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