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Which rEvo Rebreather is right for you?

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Simon - rEvo Rebreathers/Tekdeep

Image courtesy of The Equalizer Red Sea

Investing in a rebreather is a choice that most of us have to live with for quite a while so it is better to get it right first time.

When a decision has been made and you have decided on a rEvo there comes a second decision. Which one and what specification?

There are several options with a rEvo and three sizes to choose from, Standard, Mini and Micro. The Micro is only available in Titanium but the Mini and Standard are Stainless Steel with Titanium as an option.

Size does matter, as does weight. A larger person may be able to comfortably dive all three sizes where as a slight person may find the larger unit just too negative.

Even the Standard Stainless Steel rEvo is lightweight compared to diving open circuit scuba and because of the design it requires very little additional weight, if any at all.

Weight is important as it can always be added but not that easily removed. With rEvo rebreathers you can choose to have a unit made from titanium and use light weight steel cylinders or even lighter ones made from Carbon Fibre.

With rEvo you have a choice of Manual or Hybrid control. The manual rebreather has several options for monitoring. The Hybrid is a combination of Manual and Electronic and can do either. There are also different packages with the electronics – Shearwater computer / controller, with or without rMS (rEvo Monitoring System) and rEvo Dreams.

In our opinion the rEvo rebreather is the best rebreather available and what you do get with any rEvo is the dual scrubber system, two years warranty and a five year service interval.

How do you know which package is right for you?

Tekdeep have devised a solution to help you make the right choice. In Hurghada on the Egyptian Red Sea we have a full range of rEvo rebreathers for you to use. You are welcome to come for your user course and use our rebreathers. This gives you the opportunity to try the different sizes, weights, electronics and various options before you make your choice.

We can configure a rebreather that is perfect for your needs so you know that what you are getting is exactly right for you before you order it.

We have a full range of cylinders including Carbon Fibre rebreather cylinders and Carbon Fibre bail out cylinders. This allows you to balance gas requirements with weight.

Training in Egypt has advantages. The water conditions are superb and the in water time far surpasses that of many other locations as the water temperature is always above 20 deg. The topside conditions are much better as well. Instead of trying to get warm and dry in between diving we are discussing the diving and the theory.

Although you may have been to the Egyptian Red Sea before, we are diving from the North of Hurghada. It is a private city called El Gouna which is nothing like Egypt. It is clean and orderly. No hassle and no haggling, just like Europe.

The diving from El Gouna is special as there are more shipwrecks accessible from El Gouna than anywhere else in the Egyptian Red Sea. Abu Nuhas has four wrecks including the Rosalie Moller and quite a few others shallow and deep and some are also excellent trimix dives.

So now we have established that we can help you choose exactly the right rebreather for your needs and we have established that we can take you to some the best dive sites in the Egyptian Red Sea, only one question now remains – When do you want to come?

For more information on the opportunity to try out a whole range of rEvo configurations, to check availability throughout 2013 or if you simply want some more information on CCR Training then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help and advise.


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About Author

Simon is a highly experienced technical diver and rebreather instructor, teaching everything from entry level rebreather diving to 100m mixed gas CCR diving. He has been both diver and owner of many rebreather units including: AP Inspiration, AP Evolution, KISS, Sentinel, Megladon and he his now responsible for all UK rEvo Supply and Training having found what he considers to be the perfect rebreather in the rEvo. You can follow Simon on Facebook, on Twitter or by visiting the Tekdeep website.

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