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Cocktail Divers - PhilippinesDiving Philippines is one the best diving site in the world. The marine life here in the Philippines is good compared to the other countries in Asia. We respect the coral reef and other marine life they all respect the people here. that’s why the beautiful of our diving site and the different species of life under water that’s our secret. Diving Philippines is one of you did not forget when you came here i recommend that if you looking for a diving adventure choose one of the best in Asia or in the world. I offer you a diving at night its a wonderful experience when you diving at night different experience don’t worry about the danger about diving at night we have a complete tools like night vision etc to keep safe you diving. Truly you see why the Philippines is well known one of the best diving site in Asia. The tourist in the Philippines getting more stronger and stronger in past year and i gave credit of the tourist site the white sand of Boracay and one of the seven wonders of the world Palawan underground river. I think one the main reason why many tourist more comfortable to visit the Philippines is the attitude of most Filipino funny and humble and the communication skill of Filipino we all know that English is the famous language all known people in all country because Filipino is the number one in terms of Tele communicating business in Asia we are fluent in English and the tourist not very hard to understand our language or not need to understand our language because we understand there language. Getting back our topic in Diving Philippines i hope because what i sad in the Philippines you like the Philippines now.


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