Personalised Professional Case for Z-CAM E2

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Entirely made of anticorodal aluminium and anodised at 30 micron, the custom Giosim SP case for Z-CAM-E 2 has been designed on request. The case is provided with a window for a 5.5” monitor at the back inserted internally at 45 °

Giosim Z-CAM E2 Housing

Very simple but in the same way very precise and reliable, the assembly of the machine with Tilta contour bracket, optics and batteries with large lasting capacity. (NP-F970) both for the machine and for the monitor on the internal sliding bracket creating a very compact system.

Closed by 2 solid and reliable stainless steel side hooks with safety device, the case is equipped with all the upper and lateral machine controls. A dedicated registration lever is located on the right side of the housing, easily accessible with the hand positioned on the ergonomic handles. As well as adjustments of Focus and Zoom by means of 2 knobs, one or more video outputs, safety vacuum, and several holes are located on the top and bottom of the housing for easy assembly of the film accessories such as balls, arms, lamps and more.

A solid upper aluminium bracket connects the two side handles to give more possibilities in transport and in the various passages. The bracket under the housing is adjustable in different positions to give the right centering and trim to the system in the water according to the different objectives and personal comfort.

Giosim Z-CAM E2 Housing

The case is very linear, practical and reliable in all situations, even the most extreme and it is operational down to a depth of -150 meters.

On request it is possible to have a closed back by mounting an external monitor and therefore of much smaller dimensions.

Giosim Z-CAM E2 Housing

By customizing the aluminium extension and the 9.5″ spherical glass holder in this case, we can insert different optics without problems – wide-angle, zoom, macros, with all the relative manual controls.

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