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Introducing Solubag – Dissolvable Plastic Bags

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Solubag – Dissolve bags in 5 seconds, not 500 years. Start today to save tomorrow.

Solubag is a global group of companies comprised of Chilean managing partner researchers who have received international investor support for this innovative development, which represents a great solution to the serious problem of plastic and its waste. Its operations are intended to market in America, Europe, and Africa in the first step, before expanding to the global level. We currently have over 20 collaborators working on the best development of this technology to make the world a better place because we are convinced… We must begin today in order to save tomorrow.

Sea to Sky

We have developed a technology that can be produced at very low costs using the same machines that are used to produce flexible and rigid films, and which dissolve when they come into contact with water without leaving toxic or polluting residues in the environment. Made from the same material that the current remedy capsules are made from.


Our Mission

Provide our customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly water-soluble technologies. We strive for continuous innovation and client satisfaction by responding to their requirements and needs.

As well as bags, we produce film for water-soluble packaging, sheet detergent and masks.

Learn more at: https://solubag.cl/


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