Diving at Red Point, Prince Edward Island

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Devon Lynn and one of her dive buddies, Reid MacBeth, recently went diving in Red Point, Prince Edward Island.

Red Point Provincial Park is located on Prince Edward Island. It is is quite popular with most families because of its beach, and it is not far from the town of Souris. Frequently, scheduled activities or special events for the entire family are available. Basin Head Provincial Park, which is open to the public for day use, is close by and has a great beach. Unlike most PEI beaches, which have the traditional red clay-like sand, this beach has white, drier sand. It’s pleasant to stroll along or to remain and relax and play. A 17-step wooden staircase leads to the top. There are also some tidal pools where kids can explore and catch crabs.

Dive Report

The water temperature was around 64 degrees F, visibility was about 20 feet, we were down for nearly two hours, and the depth was maximum 15 feet, albeit shorter in some parts, according to Devon Lynn and Reid MacBeth.

Devon Lynn

Thanks to Devon Lynn for her video contribution. Devon is a Research assistant at University of Prince Edward Island.

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