Mural Located on the Wall of the Institut Maritime Du Québec in Rimouski

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Photo Credit from Janey Anderson @ Ship Junkies – Lakes, Locks & Rivers

This is a mural on the wall of the Institut Maritime Du Québec in Rimouski completed by ArtduCommun collective.

The IMQ launched a call for submissions during Maritime Day 2020, inviting muralist artists from Quebec and proposed a work highlighting the maritime vocation of the region as well as the importance the role of pilots in promoting and developing careers linked to the sea through the ages.

The visual intention of this mural is to forge a link between the past and the present of the profession, thereby announcing a promising future that encourages the recruitment of new students. To do this, the artists were inspired by visual iconography specific to the marine world, such as navigation charts and graphic markers, to highlight the highly technical aspects of the profession. Archive images pay tribute to the region’s history in connection with maritime piloting. The composition of the different elements creates a captivating visual impact, evoking the scale and importance of the profession.

Article submitted by Janey Anderson.



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