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6 Tips for Planning a Memorable Scuba Vacation

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Whether you’re a lifelong scuba aficionado or you recently completed your certification, you might be dreaming of heading on a tropical getaway that lets you experience the dive of your dreams. Unfortunately, unless you’re a very lucky person, that dream dive isn’t going to take place in your backyard. And you will need to do some serious travel to reach your perfect scuba destination and make some memories. So grab a friend or loved one, break out the notebook and laptop, and get ready to start planning! These six simple tips will help ensure that you’re ready for your next adventure. 

Get Certified, and Pack Your Dive Log

It’s vital that before you plan a SCUBA vacation, you make sure your certification is up to date, so you have all the appropriate paperwork in place. You can’t simply turn up to a vacation destination and expect to go on a dive when you arrive without your certification. Depending on the type of dive you’d like to go on, you might need an advanced certification or specialty training to ensure you’re set to go. Also, make sure you have your dive log in hand, as many charters will require you to have this paperwork to dive. There are few things worse than traveling a long way to go on your perfect scuba vacation, only to discover that you’re unable to get in the water because you didn’t pack the correct paperwork.

Choose What Type of Dive You Want to Do

The type of dive you want to go on will help determine your travel destination and any logistics you’ll need to account for to make that happen. For example, think about if you’d like to explore freshwater or saltwater, a reef, a shipwreck, or something else altogether. Once you know what you want to see, you’ll be able to determine the destinations that offer that type of dive.  

Ask Your Travel Companions What They Want To Do

If you’re planning a scuba vacation, you won’t be spending all of your time in the water. Chances are, you won’t be traveling alone, either. If your traveling companion isn’t scuba certified, it’s essential to discuss how they’d like to spend their vacation. Suppose they want to hike, spend their time on the beach, or enjoy world-class amenities at the hotel. In that case, you might consider going to a resort that offers scuba excursions alongside other activities and offerings. An all-inclusive resort in Curacao might meet the bill for everyone on your trip while you explore world-class diving, as there are many beautiful things to do even for non-divers and great reasons to dive in Curacao.

Research Local Scuba Requirements

Depending on where you travel for your scuba trip, there might be specific rules, requirements, or customs you’ll need to abide by before you head into the water. For example, you should know if it is customary to tip the captain of the dive charter or if you need to bring specific items. It is illegal to wear sunscreen in some waters, while in other cultures, it’s considered rude to let someone see the bottom of your feet. You’ll be a lot more comfortable going into these situations prepared, especially if you’re traveling internationally and won’t be close to home. 

Consider Travel & Scuba Insurance

Travel insurance and scuba accident insurance can help you enjoy every minute of your scuba vacation. If something happens while you’re on a dive, medical insurance typically does not cover things like evacuation, rehabilitation, or chamber treatments. Scuba incident coverage can help protect you in the event of an accident and provide for unforeseen costs. On the other hand, travel insurance will help protect you if your trip is canceled and you have prepaid costs that aren’t refundable, such as airline trips or hotel reservations. 

Pack Your Bags, and Prepare for a SCUBA Adventure! 

Once you’ve sorted out all the logistics, it’s time to get packed. Don’t forget to make sure your dive equipment has been properly serviced ahead of your trip. Make sure you bring extra batteries and/or chargers for your dive lights, camera, dive computer, and any other devices. If you have any equipment that’s relatively new, be sure to bring your receipt with you, so you don’t encounter any issues with customs. 

Before you start your journey to your SCUBA destination, make sure someone back home has your full itinerary and knows when to expect you back. That way, if you’re delayed for any reason, someone will know when to check-in and can help you work out a way to get home if necessary.

A memorable scuba vacation doesn’t have to feel like a distant dream. Many resorts offer scuba excursions with chartered boats departing directly from the resort property. The key to planning an excellent scuba vacation is making sure that you have properly planned everything ahead of time so that when you arrive, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the experience.


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