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Introducing VodaSafe’s AquaEye

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AquaEye – a hand-held scanning sonar device.

VodaSafe was born from the intersection of engineering and lifeguarding on the West Coast of Canada.

Carlyn, the creator and CEO of VodaSafe, as well as an engineer with over 10 years of experience as a lifeguard. Carlyn envisioned a piece of sonar equipment as a simple instrument in hand that might assist save lives after witnessing the challenges and tribulations of water rescue firsthand. As a result, VodaSafe and its AquaEye® were born. VodaSafe’s AquaEye®, Carlyn believes, will be to waterfront rescue what the AED or portable defibrillator has been for CPR.

What it does

AquaEye® is a cutting-edge underwater scanner that uses the most cutting-edge ultrasonic and artificial intelligence technology to detect human bodies. Within seconds of entering the water, rescuers may assess a scene and identify potential casualties with the AquaEye handheld scanner. AquaEye responds quickly, just requiring one rescuer, and covering more ground in less time.


AquaEye® is built to last in real-world situations. Rescuers and their equipment must function in all weather conditions and in unusual environments. The AquaEye® scanner is durable, buoyant, waterproof, salt and sand resistant, and constructed to endure impact.

Every second matters in a waterfront rescue, which is why AquaEye is built for grab-and-go scenarios. It will stay completely charged when in its charging dock and will run for 8 hours without needing to be recharged once removed. If an AquaEye® is left on standby for an extended amount of time without being used, we recommend recharging it every 2-3 months.

Priced at $4,760.00

Learn more at: https://www.vodasafe.ca/


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